BrandiMae: August 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SheMuscle Shoot

I just recently returned from New Jersey where I was shooting some hot stuff for Above is a hot shot from the CHICAGO themed shoot that I did; it was a titillating muscular experience shooting in front of the stage curtain...very different than competing on stage. I was able to get in touch with my erotic show girl side and incorporate theatrics with muscularity which equated into some great photos.

I hope everyone keeps checking back as the site will be accepting memberships here very shortly. I appreciate everyone's patience. I love you all dearly.

Your erotic muscle fantasy,


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok, Ok, so I am a meat head..get over it! Who ever said meat heads can't be medium rare with definite tenderness in the middle!
As far as my show this past weekend; well lets just say that I didn't place very well but I looked hot and ultimately that is what counts, right. I saw some scary things back stage and honestly some scary looking physiques that simply turned me off, hence why I can understand why the sport of female bodybuilding is senual female wants to look like a scary monster with an ugly structure but I also wonder if these women are honestly objective with themselves. I mean this sport is all about the shape, symetry and lines of your is called bodybuilding because the goal is to build your body like a statue or sculpture but many looking at some of women back stage could have been considered a nightmare for some. I am not judging anyone, to each is own; I am simply stating my personal
Back to my meat head rant...that is right bitches (haters and haterettes); I am a meat head, juice head, and sugar head (because I am sweet). EMBRANCE THE TENDERNESS...THAT IS WHY i AM THE #1 TENDEROINI!
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